Hot Hot Hot! Did you know?

Hot Hot Hot! Did you know?

Now we’re finally up and running on the website you should see some things change as we finalise the pages and products. We apologise in advance for the few mistakes that you may or may not notice, please don’t hesitate to tell us about them and we shall do our best to correct them.

Sales are starting to come in and people are finding the website easy enough, we’re looking to do some advertising as well so keep an eye out for the Johnsons logo to appearing at your doorstep!

Now many people do not realise the benefit of insulating their house against the heat but truthfully the differences can be astonishing, I’m mentioning this because in the current week of hot, hot, hot weather we’re having many people are feeling the heat like myself and come home and still find themselves hot and bothered in their own house. Insulation boards such as our Xtratherm provide a theoretical barrier that prevents a certain amount of heat exiting your home. The other way around (in summer) the boards can provide a valuable service of blocking the heat coming into your house as well.

If you’re too hot in the day and wish for a nice ‘non-sauna’ home when you return, think about putting some insulation in your home, we can provide any thickness you desire from 15mm all the way up to 165mm.

Hope everyone has a good month!

  • Superglass
  • British Gypsum
  • Knauf insulation
  • Fermacell
  • Kay Metzler
  • Rockpanel
  • Marley Eternit
  • Promat
  • Alumaflex
  • Xtratherm
  • Cembrit
  • Cellecta
  • Trespa


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